Briefly in English

Our 4 member group will take a train to Moscow. Then we fly to Vladivostok. The return back to Finland will be done by train all the way. Total train km's will be something like 12.000 km.

The trip starts on Friday 8th of June from Kuopio railway station.

We will update this blog on the way... Stay tuned.

This writing is done in Yekatinburg. We have travelled now from Finland to Moscow with one night in sleeping car.
The bit rainy and chilly weather in Moscow was ok, but the Red Square was closed:(
We took a taxi from city to Sheremetjevo airport (2500rbl).
The flight to Vladivostok took 8,5h and was done by Airbus A-330. Every seat had own TV with russion spoken movies.

We arrived to Vladivostok 8:30am local time with no or very litle sleep. We stopped here 2 nights and weather was not on our side. It was rainy, windy and cold. The city could have been very interesting, but weather made us to stay inside.

On tuesday the 12th of June the Rossija-train started its run towards Irkutsk with music. It was something glorious.

We arrived at Irkutsk 3 days later. Weather was normal(?) summer weather, warm and sunshine. Our target was to visit Baikal and that we did. Raija did also swimmig there in the freezing water. But she has been the only one without flu ... so far.

From Irkutsk we took train "Baikal" to Yekaterinburg where we are just now. Train took 2 nights and was HOT! And cold as well when aircondition was on.
So here we are heading to noicy big big city for some tourist work and some beer(?). be continued...